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Patient education: Breastfeeding guide

Posted by bapexa on December 9, 2022

Breast milk is the perfect source of nutrition for almost all babies. It meets essentially most of the nutritional needs of full-term babies until approximately six months old when solid foods are often put into the diet. Breast milk even offers important health advantages for premature babies.


Significance of early breastfeeding — You should start breastfeeding within the very first few hours after birth, whenever possible. Early and frequent breastfeeding following the birth is very important because:

Colostrum benefits – During the very first couple of days after birth, your breasts naturally produce colostrum, or "first milk," which is really a gold or yellow liquid that is full of nutrition and healthy antibodies that help protect your child from infections. Although the quantity of colostrum is small, it offers every one of the nutrition that the child needs in the initial couple of days so long as they're receiving it frequently. During this time period, your breasts won't feel full or different, since the colostrum is concentrated in a small volume.

Establishment of milk supply – Frequent breastfeeding (or pumping) signals the breasts to make more milk. This can be a natural "demand and supply" system, in which your body adapts to meet up your baby's needs. During the first couple of days after birth, frequent and effective suckling (at least 8 to 12 times in 24 hours) offers the needed signalling to your body. It's important to make use of good breastfeeding methods for your comfort and to safeguard your nipples from rubbing and compression, as discussed below. (See 'Breastfeeding technique' below.)

After several days, your breasts will transition to making larger quantities of mature milk. This is sometimes called the "milk to arrive," though that is a misnomer because colostrum can be breast milk, just in an early on and concentrated form. This usually happens between three and five days after birth. Frequent breastfeeding (or pumping) is important to help this transition happen.

At birth — You are able to usually start breastfeeding just after birth as part of "skin-to-skin contact" (figure 1). Most babies will instinctively get the nipple and start sucking, which supports them practice feeding and gives them their first meal of colostrum.

If you need to be separated from your child for medical reasons, you are able to still get started by expressing the colostrum or "first milk" from your own breasts, either yourself or with a breast pump. The expressed milk can be fed to your baby. Hand expressing or pumping also provides the required signalling to your system to make more milk. You must start expressing milk the moment possible, ideally within the initial someone to six hours following the birth. More information about expressing and storing milk is available separately. (See "Patient education: Pumping breast milk (Beyond the Basics)"


While breastfeeding is a natural process, it's normal to feel different or awkward at first. It is definitely helpful to keep some basic principles in mind and anticipate to handle common problems and/or seek help when they arise.

Positioning for comfort — You can breastfeed in numerous positions (figure 3). The most crucial determinant of a great job is that you and your infant are comfortable. You will probably look for a favourite position, but it's helpful to try different positions, particularly if you are experiencing any discomfort or if your infant is having any problems feeding.

Helping your infant latch on — The important thing step in breastfeeding is when your baby "latches on" to your breast, so that their mouth forms a seal round the nipple, covering much of the areola nearby the baby's lower jaw (the areola may be the dark area of skin around your nipple). Having a comfortable latch protects your nipple from pain or irritation during breastfeeding and provides for good milk flow by preventing nipple compression.

Long-Run Effects of Lottery Wealth on Emotional

Posted by bapexa on December 9, 2022

The jackpot for Saturday night's Powerball drawing has surged to $1.6 billion, the greatest ever and the next billion-dollar jackpot of 2022, after no players claimed the top prize in Wednesday's drawing. It's the fifth time a U.S. lottery prize has reached 10 digits since 2016, when the very first billion-dollar prize jackpot was announced.

The increasing prevalence is really by design, experts say — and the odds of you really winning a huge jackpot are longer than ever. Think about this: If nobody wins a given lottery draw, the jackpot money rolls over into the following draw, increasing the size of the pot. Make that lottery harder to win and you can almost guarantee higher jackpots on a typical basis, incentivizing even more individuals to purchase lottery tickets.

Powerball's organizers have gradually made their lottery harder to win for many years, says Victor Matheson, an economics professor at the College of the Holy Cross who studies lotteries. The largest change came in 2015, when the lottery added more number combinations to nearly halve the odds of hitting the jackpot. Before then, your odds of winning a Powerball lottery were around 1 in 175 million, Matheson says. Today, those chances are 1 in 292.2 million.

After an over night delay organized the drawing of the greatest jackpot in American history on Monday, lottery officials in California said Tuesday that a winning, $2 billion ticket was sold in Los Angeles County. The California Lottery said the “only winning” Powerball ticket was sold at Joe's Service Center in Altadena, a gas station just north of Pasadena. Lottery officials said the ticket holder is now the initial lottery billionaire in the state. No one has come forward to claim the prize yet.

Powerball officials announced the winning numbers on Tuesday morning: 10, 33, 41, 47 and 56, with another 10 as the Powerball. The video announcing the winning numbers did not address the delay. The winning ticket matched all six numbers. A lot more than 11.2 million tickets won cash prizes in the drawing, totaling $98.1 million. In every, 22 tickets around the world matched all five white balls to win a $1 million prize. One ticket in Florida won $2 million by matching all five white balls and the Power Play option. There were also 225 tickets that won a $50,000 prize and another 42 tickets won a $100,000 prize.

“They've been running Powerball or its predecessor for 34 years, and they've gradually been making it harder and harder to win,” Matheson tells CNBC Make It. The nonprofit Multi-State Lottery Association (MUSL), which runs a group of lotteries including Powerball, has begun directing more of its revenue from ticket sales toward the jackpot, rather than smaller prizes, Matheson says — whilst those smaller amounts are becoming better to win.

MUSL in addition has steadily expanded Powerball's footprint. The game now sells tickets in 45 U.S. states, including 14 states added since 2009. Much of that expansion stems from MUSL's 2009 agreement with the consortium of states that operate the Mega Millions lottery. Previously, the two lotteries operated exclusively in separate states, and their agreement paved just how for bigger jackpots for both Powerball and Mega Millions.

Mega Millions followed Powerball's path in 2017, both increasing ticket prices and adding more number combinations to develop jackpot sizes. Mega Millions'odds also jumped consequently: Your overall odds of winning are 1 in 302.6 million, down from 1 in 259 million. More recently, rising interest rates are also helping lottery operators offer bigger jackpots.

The Effects of Lottery Prizes on Winners

Posted by bapexa on December 9, 2022

A lottery's advertised jackpot size is based on the amount a success would receive should they chose to be paid out in an annuity over the length of 30 years. Higher interest rates within a drawing means a greater total payout from that annuity fund, MUSL's website notes. By comparison, a lottery's lump-sum cash option is directly fueled by ticket sales. The lump sum for the existing Powerball jackpot is $782.4 million, which may result within an annuity fund that ultimately pays out $1.6 billion over three decades on the basis of the current interest rates.

Earlier this week, when the Powerball jackpot stood at $1.2 billion, with a lump sum option of nearly $600 million, Matheson noted that the “same cash value, if you had been doing it at the cheapest interest rates back through the Covid recession in 2020 may have only purchase about $800 million worth of advertised value back then.” Today's lottery operators have found a special spot by “having an odds which are roughly exactly the same size as the people being served,” Matheson says. Powerball's chances are 1 in 292 million, and the combined populations in the us where tickets can be purchased equal nearly 320 million.

The effect: A casino game that produces eye-popping jackpot numbers while being won just “frequently enough that individuals don't lose hope,” Matheson says. “Since the lottery is all about selling hope.” That also means organizers don't have much reason to help keep making lotteries harder to win, unless jackpot sizes continue to cultivate too. Bigger jackpots may possibly involve higher ticket prices or expansions to more states, and only five U.S. states don't already sell Powerball or Mega Millions tickets.

Their combined population is relatively small, too: roughly 13.5 million people. What's promising for lottery players is that whenever MUSL changed its format to produce jackpots harder to win, in addition it made smaller prizes simpler to win — as a means to temper people's disappointment at not taking home millions, Matheson says. But getting a $4 payout off a $2 lottery ticket isn't exactly the most appealing prize, which is why lottery organizers are ready to divert more of the revenue toward bigger jackpots.

Joseph Chahayed, the master of the service station which has been around business for 20 years, was the recipient of $1 million for selling the winning ticket. At a news conference on Tuesday, he said he planned to divide it among his family, including 11 grandchildren. “I encourage you to get a solution out of this station,” he said. “We guarantee 1 day you're going to be a winner, too.” An additional $156 million, raised from ticket sale profits, should go to California public schools.

The Powerball jackpot grew steadily for months after 40 straight drawings without a winner and set off a frenzy of ticket-buying across the country by routine lottery players and even some skeptics, hopeful that the odds of winning, one in 292.2 million, would tilt within their favor.

The winner or winners will receive the largest payout in U.S. lottery history, eclipsing the $1.586 billion payout in 2016 split among three Powerball winners in California, Florida and Tennessee, which set a world record, officials said. Once a success or winners come forward, the California Lottery's Security and Law Enforcement Division will verify the rightful owner of the winning ticket.

The Powerball prize is the next billion-dollar jackpot in recent months. Come early july, a single Mega Millions ticket sold in Des Plaines, Ill., won $1.34 billion. Previous billion-dollar jackpots were won in 2016, 2018 and 2021. Players can buy a $2 Powerball ticket in 45 states, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands. The five states that do not participate are Alabama, Alaska, Hawaii, Nevada and Utah. The California Lottery will spend the winning ticket following the Multi-State Lottery Association, which oversees the Powerball, collects earnings from each participating lottery and transfers it to California.

What are the best spiritual awakening documentaries

Posted by bapexa on December 9, 2022

The documentary follows living of Jonas Elrod, a man leading an ordinary life until he woke up 1 day with the capability to access other dimensions. He could see, hear and feel angels, auras and spirits. More information at While the very best spiritual movies for the awakening journey will always depend on you as an individual, we'd prefer to suggest 10 of our favorites! Guidelines some reviews of the movies, and we've highlighted the important thing themes in each movie so you can better stay tuned to which ones will undoubtedly be most helpful for you now. Strap on your own seatbelt and open your mind to these spiritual movie reviews…

Spiritual Awakening may be the recognition that love is beyond the form of a body. Identification with the body is what holds the construct of the ego thought system of separation in place (wrong-mindedness in ACIM). This movie takes the mind right to the formless. The desire of Evelyn's heart would be to heal and change the world. Her husband, Will (Johnny Depp), desires to understand the character of your head as a number one scientist in the field of artificial intelligence (A.I.).

When Will is poisoned by anti-technology extremists, he and Evelyn stay joined in one single mind and purpose, transcending the necessity for Will to stay a body. To supplement these top 10 spiritual movies, we've also included below some profound teaching videos of mystic David Hoffmeister, the author of The Movie Watcher's Guide to Enlightenment. Enjoy diving deep into these spiritual teachings while watching movies to simply help bring teachings alive!
An excellent movie about Dan Millman, a child who meets an unlikely spiritual guide and goes via a rapid awakening that involves facing and releasing the ego while embracing the inner strength and focus that is present in today's moment. This movie is really a masterpiece in showing where true healing lies and that all sickness is judgment and faulty perception. Take pleasure in the simplicity and strength of living with one purpose.

Themes: Join in Purpose, Metaphysical, Discover True Identity, Injustice, Deception, Perfectionism, Finding Purpose, Following, Awakening The Island is really a fantastic metaphysical movie, showing the awakening process through from being in a deceived, conforming state to realizing that what was regarded as being life was not really life at all. A culture of men and women who're deceived from birth need to find their true identity in this sci-fi action.

When you have ever prayed that spiritual awakening could possibly be funny, this movie is the solution to your call. Linear time is really a loop where the past just seems to repeat over and over. The desire to get something back from others leads us on a fruitless search once we seek to overcome the void inside us. And all attempts to escape this void seem futile.

That's why is the movie Groundhog Day this kind of powerful metaphor. Not only will you start to see the loop, which will be symbolic of the loop that everybody has experienced, but you also view a metaphor for the way in which out of the loop, which is simply to be totally helpful—to completely lose yourself in the urge to be truly helpful. When that desire awakens, the world is given a brand new purpose. Instead of emphasizing escaping, we simply desire to increase and give want to everyone we meet. And with this change of purpose comes another way of looking at all the planet, until we could finally say and mean movies about spiritual enlightenment movies about spiritual enlightenment

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Profound Spiritual Awakening Movies

Posted by bapexa on December 9, 2022

In this article, I share with you some of the best spiritual awakening movies that I have experienced, several of those movies has given me an insight to the spiritual awakening process and the consequences of using our expanded consciousness and extrasensory abilities to elevate change in others, ourselves and the world. Each movie shares philosophical insights into the inner workings of the human consciousness and the driving force that motivates our thoughts, behaviours, actions in our daily lives.

A documentary film developed by Canadian film maker and meditation teacher Daniel Schmidt. The documentary discusses the one vibratory energy field that connects of things and its link with religion, science and between our inner and our outer worlds. More information at: A supernatural film that follows three different people and their responses to death. A psychic who is not able to shut off his gift of knowing, a lady who has an Awakening after having a near death experience, and a little boy who looks for the reality about what's happened to his brother after death.

A wizard who is home schooled and shunned after his last relative dies shows residents of his town about the connection together, awareness and the generosity of the spirit. A gymnast who shatters his leg in a vehicle accident. Meets a spiritual guide, that teaches him that happiness has been present in as soon as and love what's right facing him.

The documentary follows the life span of Jonas Elrod, some guy leading an ordinary life until he woke up one day with the capacity to access other dimensions. He could see, hear and feel angels, auras and spirits. More information at While the most effective spiritual movies for your awakening journey will always depend on you being an individual, we'd want to suggest 10 of our favorites! Below are some reviews of those movies, and we have highlighted the key themes in each movie to help you better listen in to which ones will be most helpful for your requirements now. Strap on your seatbelt and open the mind to these spiritual movie reviews…

Themes: Projection, Attack, Separation, Face of Innocence, Mighty companions, Split mind, Discover True Identity, Miracles This movie is really a powerful demonstration for since the only path to totally undo the ego, that was designed to take the place of the true Self, is always to pull the entire ego projection back again to the mind. Kevin Flynn is a computer game developer who believes he created an electronic digital world and is trapped in it. Fast forward 20 years, and we see Kevin's son, Sam, looking for his father in the digital world that's degenerated into competition, hatred, and death.

Themes: Special Relationship, Purpose, Letting go of individuality, Holy relationship, Metaphysical, Power of Thought, Fear, Psychic Abilities, Collaboration

Spiritual Awakening is the recognition that love is beyond the form of a body. Identification with the human body is what holds the construct of the ego thought system of separation in position (wrong-mindedness in ACIM). This movie takes the mind right into the formless. The desire of Evelyn's heart is to heal and change the world. Her husband, Will (Johnny Depp), desires to know the character of your brain as a number one scientist in the field of artificial intelligence (A.I.).

When Will is poisoned by anti-technology extremists, he and Evelyn stay joined in a single mind and purpose, transcending the requirement for Will to be in a body. To supplement these top 10 spiritual movies, we've also included below some profound teaching videos of mystic David Hoffmeister, the author of The Movie Watcher's Guide to Enlightenment. Enjoy diving deep into these spiritual teachings while watching movies to greatly help bring teachings to life, open this for more movies information movies about spiritual enlightenment

Spiritual-Awakening Movies You May Not Know About

Posted by bapexa on December 8, 2022

A movie is a projection of a world that we choose to indulge in for a specified amount of time. In that amount of time, we’re given the ability to link ourselves to a particular character, or situation that we’re presented to. In other words, films have the tendency to make us switch our perception of space and time, and for a brief moment, think and reflect on the stimulus, or subject being served to us.

Movies offer an escape from the world we’re accustomed to seeing when we wake up every morning.

For spiritually awakened people who are naturally curious beings, this insight into a world different from our own is a great way to satisfy our hunger for a deeper understanding; a revelation; some form of truth.

Almost any movie, when seen through the eyes of a spiritually awakened person can be perceived as a spiritual-awakening one, given the overt, sometimes discreet messages hiding beneath them.

Yet some movies tend to offer such exquisite access to a universal truth, that they cannot help but be labelled as such from the onset; ones that are worth watching for anyone who enjoys a movie that will leave them gazing at the starlit sky, appreciating that they just learned something that answers a specific question.

Shot in the 1990s, this film doesn’t only send you back to simpler times but reminds you of the possibility of ever-lasting love. The story follows Molly and Sam, a couple whose romance is short-lived following the murder of Sam by a thug. Instead of straying them apart, death brings the couple even closer, with Sam being able to communicate with his lover through the help of a psychic, in order to warn her that her life is in no less danger than his was.

In the film, a biologist, Ian Gray is in the middle of undertaking research on the human eye, from which a startling revelation is made: The human eye is a symbol — in this case, quite literally, the window, to a soul. Ian meets a woman called Sofi, with whom he shares an inexplicable connection, fostered primarily through the meeting of their eyes. Eventually, they feel as though they’ve known each other forever.

Starring Jim Carrey once again, the movie follows Joel and Clementine, two “strangers” who meet on a train and begin a relationship, unaware that they had been together prior to their procedure to erase each other from their memory. Their eventual meet-up despite having forgotten about each other raises questions of fate, insatiable love, and forgiveness.

Richard Collier, a playwright in 1980 is suddenly drawn to and obsessed with the portrait of a woman, Elise McKenna, a stage actress living in the first quarter of the 20th century. Desperately trying to explain the connection he feels with her, he attempts traveling back in time through self-hypnosis, and does so successfully. movies about spiritual awakening

Adapted from Paulo Coelho’s novel, Veronika is a woman in her 20’s who is suicidal due to not having found the meaning of her life. Despite appearing seemingly successful, she can’t find anything to live for and ponders her existence. Eventually, she attempts suicide by overdosing on pills, but fails, OPEN this

Best Spiritual Movies For Awakening

Posted by bapexa on December 8, 2022

While the very best spiritual films for the awakening trip may generally depend for you being an individual, we'd want to suggest 10 of our favorites! Here are some opinions of these shows, and we've highlighted the important thing themes in each movie to help you better listen in to those will be most useful to you now. Band in your seatbelt and start your mind to these spiritual movie reviews…

10: Tron

Subjects: Projection, Strike, Divorce, Face of Purity, Grand partners, Separate mind, Find Correct Identity, Wonders

That movie is really a effective demonstration for simply because the only method to totally undo the ego, which was built to get the place of the true Home, would be to move the entire ego projection back once again to the mind.

Kevin Flynn is a game developer who believes he developed an electronic world and is trapped in it. Quickly ahead two decades, and we see Kevin's son, Mike, looking for his father in the digital world that's degenerated in to opposition, violence, and death.

9: Transcendence

Styles: Specific Connection, Purpose, Letting get of uniqueness, Holy connection, Metaphysical, Energy of Thought, Fear, Psychic Abilities, Collaboration

Spiritual Awakening could be the recognition that enjoy is beyond the form of a body. Recognition with the body is what holds the construct of the ego thought process of divorce in place (wrong-mindedness in ACIM). This movie requires your brain proper to the formless.

The want of Evelyn's heart is to treat and modify the world. Her husband, Will (Johnny Depp), needs to know the character of your head as a leading researcher in the field of synthetic intelligence (A.I.). When Can is poisoned by anti-technology extremists, he and Evelyn remain joined in one mind and function, transcending the necessity for Will to be in a body spiritual movie.

To supplement these top 10 spiritual movies, we have also involved under some profound training videos of mystic David Hoffmeister, the author of The Movie Watcher's Manual to Enlightenment. Appreciate diving strong in to these religious teachings while watching films to greatly help provide teachings alive!

8: Lucy

Styles: Awakening, Sacred Connection, Time, Great Friends, The Script is Prepared, Actual View, Recognition of Dreaming, Enlightenment, Forgiveness

Who you're is from before time was. Time is a principle, made to measure and therefore “give reality” to man's living within an illusion. Subject is used together by believed, and the opinion in (and the necessity for) a physical identity.

All that's blocking the attention of Self and full freedom are limitations: beliefs and thoughts. At a specific place in the spiritual trip, all obstacles fall away—they can't be believed as true if you find consciousness of Home, since “nothing actual could be threatened;” who you are can not die.

When Lucy (Scarlett Johansson) sees herself swept up in a drug trafficking nightmare, it seems to be the worst situation imaginable. A deal of medications is surgically implanted in her belly and when they begin to leak, she experiences a transformation of consciousness that takes her all the best way to total transcendence from individual mind to natural awareness.

When she is preparing to allow everything go completely, she gives himself to the knowledge, without desire to keep any such thing of the world.

7: The Truman Show

Subjects: Self-concept, False Perception, Understanding of Thinking, Metaphysical

The entire world was a present made and focused by the ego. It used many stars, used many units and events on a time-loop, and depended on revenue and labels and solution position to maintain itself. The display aimed at episode, reps, interruptions, pretense, and eventually resorted to anxiety to perpetuate itself. To be make-believe it needed to be believed as true to look to continue.

The Best Spiritual / Awakening / Dharma Films of all Time

Posted by bapexa on December 8, 2022

If you are thinking about growing your mind, learning more in regards to the market within and about you, and exploring the countless ways this living could be experienced, then you've got to view these shows and documentaries!

Watching movies that produce you think, that help to expand your spirituality and consciousness, is a fantastic solution to broaden your horizons, modify your perception, and let your religious nature to flourish.

Here Are 25 Spiritual Movies That Every Seeker Must View:
In number unique order, check out our set of top 25 spiritual shows...


  1. Samsara (2011) That non-verbal documentary is really a mind-blowing exploration of humanity and our role inside our realities.


  1. Kumaré (2011)
    That typical person proceeded a goal to examine the power that gurus have on persons – therefore he impersonates a guru and trips the world “healing” people. This eye-opening documentary is just a humbling note not to position anybody on a pedestal.

  2. I AM (2010)
    You will find just two questions that need to be asked: what's incorrect with our earth and exactly what do we do to create it greater? I AM considers the root of the issues and the alternatives for a better life.

  3. What the Bleep Do We Know (2004)
    Discover the strategies of living in this engaging and thought-provoking movie. With relatable stories and real-world options, you'll have a different perspective on living after watching this.


  1. I Origins (2014) The eye is actually the screen to the heart (and the universe) in that mind-bending movie. If you have actually asked the chance of reincarnation, you'll definitely wish to press enjoy with this one.


  1. Interactions with God (2006)
    That amazing traditional version from the guide of the exact same name by Neil Donald Walsh is just a soul-satisfying and heart-warming story of towels to riches through the give of God.

  2. The Shift (2009)
    A partner to the guide, this movie by Dr. Adam Dyer considers the place strong within most of us that really wants to be achieved, but first a shift is required. While this is a fictional movie, the message is wholly true and impactfully conveyed through history form.


  1. I Am Perhaps not Your Wizard (2016)
    Tony Robbins is noted for his larger-than-life character and unorthodox life training techniques – and that documentary is in total alignment. If you are looking for quality, power, and self-love then here is the show for you.

  2. The Celestine Prophecy (2006)
    If you have not observed this classic, end what you are performing and view it today! On the basis of the story by David Redfield, this movie is definitely an adventure history of following your happiness and trusting the universe.


  1. The Key (2006)
    Another must-see for a solid spiritual base, The Key is the merchandise of the Law of Appeal as discovered by the author of the guide by the exact same title, Rhonda Byrne. You can cause the fact you need, and this movie will highlight how.

  2. Inner Worlds, Outer Sides (2012)
    That 4-part documentary explores the internal workings of the universe. You'll never search at anything exactly the same way (including yourself!) following learning what lies beneath and within it all.

  3. Memory Dass: Brutal Acceptance (2001)
    Writer of Be Here Today, Ram Dass is a contemporary mystic on an ancient goal to awaken mankind to your true possible and implicit power as spiritual beings. That biography/documentary is a closer search on spirituality, gurus, and hippiedom best spiritual movies all-time.

You Might Want to Check Out These DIY Masturbation Devices for Men

Posted by geekstation on December 8, 2022

A hand. A penis. That's all that a man needs to engage in fun, friction-filled masturbation (although some lubricant of some kind is generally good to have as well.) But sometimes - especially after a guy has been masturbating for 5, 10, 30 years - he may want to try something a little different for a change. Indulging in some masturbation toys, for example, might add a little spice and a new dimension. But sometimes such toys can be a little pricey, especially if a guy needs to dispose of them so roomies or significant others don't come across them. With that in mind, here are some DIY (do-it-yourself) masturbation devices that guys can make themselves.

A warning, of course. Take care when making or using these, in order to avoid causing any possible pain or harm to oneself.

  • A banana. This is one of the easiest DIY masturbation devices a guy can make. Simply take a banana - ripe or not, it doesn't matter - and remove the fruit from the peel. (One option is to simply peel the banana and remove the fruit; another is to snip off one end of the banana and squeeze the fruit out from the other end.) When the penis is erect, wrap the skin around it and masturbate. It's a little messy, but it feels very exciting.

  • Bubble wrap. This doesn't take a lot of material, so bubble wrap from a recently-arrived mailing box may be more than enough. Roll it into a tube into which the penis will fit snugly but comfortably. (The bubbles should be on the inside, so that they are touching the penis.) Once the appropriate size has been determined, tape the tube so that it stays that size. Add a little lube if desired, and masturbate away.

  • Paper cup and sponges. Select a cup into which the erect penis will fit comfortably. Select a couple of sponges - preferably new ones. Old, used sponges are likely to contain bacteria and particles that a man really doesn't want on his penis. Wet the new sponges and wring them out several times, until the "newness" has worn off of them. Dampen them again and use them to line the inside of the cup. Fondle the penis until erect, insert and enjoy. (Note: If intending to use the sponges again for masturbation, wash and dry out thoroughly. Do NOT return them to the kitchen sink to use for washing dishes!)

  • Electric toothbrush. Handle with care, as one would all electric appliances, of course. The idea here is to utilize a small, handheld toothbrush as a small handheld vibrator. The key here is to (1) make sure the toothbrush has a range of settings and that at least one of them works for the individual using it, and (2) that the bristle portion of the brush is soft enough to provide pleasurable sensations. Assuming these conditions are met, a guy need simply work up a healthy erection, then apply the toothbrush to various parts of the penis; most men find the underside of the penis beneath the head to be especially sensitive to vibrations. It's essential that a person use a toothbrush holder that has removable brushes, so that one can be designated (and set safely aside) for masturbation uses and not mistakenly used thereafter to brush one's teeth.

A DIY 飛機杯 device can be a world of fun, and it will work even better on a penis that's in good shape. For that reason, we urge daily application of a top-notch penis health oil (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil , which is clinically proven mild and safe for skin). Look for an oil that contains vitamin B5, also known as pantothenic acid, which aids in cell metabolism and maintaining healthy tissue. Also needed in the oil is vitamin C, a key component of collagen, a tissue in the body that gives skin its tone and elasticity.