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ButterFly Drone Sharing Sharing Taxi Drone CrowdFunding Project

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ButterFly Drone Sharing Sharing Taxi Drone CrowdFunding Project

ButterFly Drone Sharing Sharing  Taxi Drone CrowdFunding Project
Posted by Blue Revolution Community on March 7, 2017

ButterFly Drone Sharing
Sharing Taxi Drone CrowdFunding Project

The Project consists of Create. a Global. Service. Drone Sharing. It is a rental model. Drones used to transport people with Auto Guide .The Members can rent the Drone for short periods of time. They are very attractive and "the perfect vehicle for urban and extra-urban mobility of the future. The Project consists also in to Create. the Drone Butterfly Taxi Prototype .
Start of production of the first. fleet of drones. the constitution of the company. Management in multi property "Are around prototypes be work perfectly, so .as can be an occasional access to a vehicle of a different type from the one we use every day. L ' organization of rent Drones can be a business or a user organization that can be organized as a society,, cooperative, or ad hoc grouping.
Drone sharing services they could have been activated in over a thousand cities of the Earth .
A team of experts for the Design. Construction, the Global Sharing service in a short time will have straodinario success.
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The Team****
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