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" Ocean Lab "Floating " CoWorking " " Hostels " Vegan Self Service

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" Ocean Lab "Floating " CoWorking "   " Hostels " Vegan  Self Service

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" Ocean Lab "Floating " CoWorking "

" Hostels " Vegan Self Service

The project consists. With your Participation. the Purchase . The Renovation. Acquisition of Tecnolgia and Tools
. And make this ACCOMMODATION BARGE floating structure efficient .
.A small team of motivated people with the Creativity vision work inside . A mode to Explore New Horizons, Creativity , Relaxed and Professional a Coworking space for Companies or entrepreneurs use virtual business but also work stations where you can work and a meeting room .Co-working ensures maximum utilisation of office resources .Co-working makes you feel like an entrepreneur With startups and freelancers, who initially took to co-working as low-budget working
Since co-working spaces are collaborative workplaces .ground for innovative thinking .. Your working environment is a important space were you live. A working atmosphere with flexible working hours and work culture a co-relation with how you live .
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Built originally for the Dutch Navy this accommodation barge was extensively rebuilt and upgraded in 2004. Three main floors offer fully air conditioned residential accommodation in sixty nine fifteen square meter rooms. The rooms can be configured for single to six person occupancy. This flexibility allows the barge to operate with in excess of two hundred beds.

Leisure and public spaces are catered for with three separate mess come lounge rooms. Catering can be handled via the well equipped onboard galley. Further leisure facilities include a bar area and a cinema come lecture theatre certified for eighty people. The barge also has a guest laundry.

The vessel holds a UK hotel standard, fire certificate supported by an automatic readable fire alarm. Services are connected to the barge from the shore. Sewage and waste can either be treated onboard by the vessels sewage treatment plant or pumped ashore through lift pumps. Four level barge with service equipment in the hull

Well equipped galley, public spaces, laundry and
Air conditioned throughout

61x13m² rooms offer flexibility of bedrooms or offices

Shipyard built in Holland for the Dutch Navy

Currently 2/4/6 man cabin layout for 200+ beds

Depth to main deck
Draught approx
Gross tonnage: 1873ts
Net tonnage: 766ts
Built: 1970, Scheepswert Voorwaarts, Netherlands
Max K/W: 320 per hour

Refurbished Royal Naval Base Portsmouth: 2004
Shore side Electrical requirement: 440 volts 3 phase U.K. supply

We believe that with the right education, , networking opportunities, business support services, and a collaborative learning/working environment, is a good way for to build the future
, decor and furniture within the facility will not follow traditional business models . The open areas, whiteboards ,meeting areas, collaboration stations, office , and meeting rooms if you need
Ocean Lab will solicit the input of the People of the facility and collaborate with other incubator/co-working facility owners/ in order to ensure that the space consistently provides the necessary resources for a successful and evolution

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