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Foundation of a Refuge for Donkeys , Mules and Other Animals in Morocco

A campaign by Occupy Italy Animals

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Foundation of a Refuge for Donkeys , Mules and Other Animals in Morocco

Our mission
The Foundation of a Refuge in Morocco ,for to rescue, rehabilitate and re-home the abused, neglected and abandoned "Donkeys " Mules "Horses"Dogs " Cows and Other Animals At the heart of our mission is the hands-on work of rescuing, rehabilitating and caring for farmed animal refugees — as well as educating the public about the horrific treatment of animals who are raised for food . The project precedes the purchase of a Land . with a building to be restored,
with your support this dream come true, the opening of the center will help in many other areas. :
Training for local schools that will be invited to meet animals, teach animal welfare, and how to take care. Promote a Veganfood
, raising awareness of the situation of Moroccan animals to the local community and tourists visiting Morocco
Some people simply can contribute,
Share any links on Facebook and Twitter and promote our cause to your friends, colleagues, and family.
As soon as the refuge is in operation volunteers will be able to travel to Morocco and make a contribution to organizing and managing
. It will be a place full of joy, warmth and a creative environment but we need your help for its realization.

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