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Moon Drone Space Explorer Co Working Space lab
.The project involves the development of a fleet of Micro -Terrestrial Drones and equipment necessary for their operation on the moon. and make available a link independently for each Micro -Terrestrial Drone. Satellite Internet and able to be controlled is connected to your PC or SmartPhone. The development of MIcro Terrestrial drone capable of flying to the Moon is the most difficult challenge. The project involves the construction of a Micro - Base self-sufficient in a position to give assistance and all necessary facilities for the fleet of MIcro Terrestrial Drones on the Moon in real-time by connecting with the land, this will have to be sent with a vector space with the coordinates of landing on the Moon .The Micro Base will be equipped with all necessary devices to be self-sufficient and to communicate with the earth with a satellite. we need to acquire a transmission channel. The Micro Base will be equipped with solar panels that can recharge the Terrestrial drone fleet and instrumentation.

The project includes the development of a community plattaform in the Internet. This will offer the services running connections to the fleet of Micro -Terrestrial Droni in real time .