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The magazine : Don’t get confused

A campaign by thouraya jlassi

The magazine : Don’t get confused

The project’s idea
My Company Crowdfunding The Magazine ''Don't Get Confused''

If we tried to count all the important occasions through the year that make us to leave our times for

a while to deal with our needs and family’s needs we will find it multifarious

Festivals : the Greater Feast , the lesser feast, the prophet’s Birth, year’s eve and Hegira year .

Celebrations : Engagement, marriage, circumcision , the Newborn , Birthdays

summer carnival and private parties

We find ourselves ask the same questions in each one of this occasions also we have the same

confusing feeling : What is the solution ? , Who will help me to achieve my needs and my children’s

needs in the occasion with less cost, effort, time but in the same time with good quality and

assertiveness ..

So in all our lounges our subjects are :

*From where will we buy kids clothes for the feast?

  • also where will you take your kids to play in the feast?

*Do you know any good candy shop to buy your Candy’s feast?

*The season of the celebrations is coming and I don’t actually know from where could I get a dress to

go to my friend’s wedding!

*Our marriage is yet coming and we don’t know who could help us to look for wedding hall and also

from where could we buy marriage’s needs

*I took a holiday to take my kids to a picnic but till now I don’t know a good place to take them there

*The seasonal discount is coming and I would like to know the best shops that make good offers to go to .

A lot of questions are mixed with confusion in front of all these daily subjects that we’re trying hardly

to solve it and find anyone to guide us to reach an information with a little effort and suffering , So

what is the real solution??

A paper and electronic magazine at the same time ,That is being published every 3 months (seasonal

magazine) its goal to seek in each one of the issuant to mention the most important occasion in this


Also it enumerates for the reader the options to get the information that he really needs

(shops, clothes, entertainment places, parties, candies, toys for kids, lodges and coffee houses )

That make the way much easier for getting his needs , his family’s needs and finally ‘’his answer is in

his hands ‘’

No way to feel confused from now on..

Magazine’s name ‘’Don’t get confused ‘’

I picked this name ‘’ Don’t get confused ‘’ because as I explained we always have this confusing feeling

when we’re starting a process of searching for our needs ( from where, How much , Is there a chance

to find something much better, is this with a good quality, what if it isn’t liked by kids?

Like the magazine comes to say to everyone who reads ‘’ stop being confused here I am . ‘’

A willpower story

I really want to share my story to say to everyone who watches me or reads my work that if you

deeply down want to be something you will be, and if a thousand doors are closed in your face just

wait a little bit and another door will be opened to you and force you to forget all what you have

been through ..

I’m a girl, I have 26 years, I’m living in a society all his goal to see the girl as a married woman and

that -for his concepts - is a real victory .

My parents forced me to get married when I had 19 years, actually I got divorced after 7 months, I

Couldn’t live with ignorance, unawareness and people who doesn’t use their own minds .

I make a decision to live in this life with my conceptions although my parents want me to marry

again, So I face the life with my own and How hard is that, because I couldn’t find who supports me

and stays besides me even with few words could relief me .

I don’t ask much from this life but being me .

I returned to school, took my secondary, studied media science and muti-media and also tried to

work besides my studies but all the pressures are still against me ..

My parents refused to let me work so I didn’t try hard to find a job because I already see in myself

the ability to have my own project also have the ability to prove my existence and inside me there is

a lot of energy , capacity and trust that I can reach to what I really want, and I’m not going to let a

society that is jailed by fake customs and traditions to destroy my insistence

Now I’m seeing myself as a successful business woman that encourages other women to do what

they want.

I ran a formation curse to renew the projects and I did a great Bussiness planner that attached to my

project and all the attenders liked it a lot .

What i really need from you and from all people who reads my willpower story that you could help

me with your experience in your own career by leaving an advice helps me to run my project because

my success -god willing - will happen with god’s help and then yours.

What I need and how could you give me a hand ?

  • magazine’s website

  • the first issuant from the paper magazine

  • a marketing and media campaign for the magazine because it will be the first one of its kind in this


  • also money for the office establishment to get laptops for work , cameras, colorful printer and the

costs of office establishment

If you don’t have money so don’t hesitate to help me with your career’s experience ( Bussiness

management, graphics and designs, marketing and media, counting and banking and human


Just help with anything you could before you go

Send this video to your friends and tell everyone about the campaign

Share the campaign on social media

Your support is for my insistence, ambition and breaking walls whatever rough are they

Thank you all for reading those informations about me and about my project till the end.

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