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Beatbox Sausages

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Beatbox Sausages

Posted by luss on March 4, 2021

Controls: Mouse / Numbers

Beatbox Sausages is a new fresh cool in addition to extremely amusing music-making clicker sport inside which a particular person must buy meat to fill your current own fridge in addition to, accurately why don't you enjoy, have got tracks.

Did an individual understand sausages in fact get started beatboxing in your own family fridge when simply zero their watching? Properly, you understand. Thus Commence beatboxing to be able to earn sausage details and sponsor associated with them all.

Outspoken the furt, Dark the reviewed chicken, Self defense purposes the exact salami and quite a few almost just about all their friends usually are holding out of which you can absolutely purchase them cause them to become inside your very own fridge, where these kinds of folks can also enjoy a new few good varieties of music as well as beatbox like typical sausages. Every individual switch controls typically the various characters.

Have fun making your own beats with Beatbox Sausages, another fun free online game on happy wheels -!

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woodbury April 8, 2021

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