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What is firebase and its role for a web developer

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What is firebase and its role for a web developer

Posted by amanadmec on November 18, 2022

Firebase is a kind of backend platform, provided by the google. We can use it for the web, android or ios applications development. A web developer can easily integrate it’s website front end with the firebase for the backend database. It provides the developers a real time database, multiple types of the user authentications and the free hosting platform for the app.

This topic is important to understand if you are going for web design course in Delhi or pursuing diploma in web design and development in Delhi.

Prerequisites for fire base:
To use firebase there are some prerequisites for the web developers, they must know the javascript, knowledge of backend platform is not mandatory but front end and javascript is a must. If you want to know how to learn it then go for JavaScript course in Delhi.

Role of firebase for a web developer:
If a web developer only have knowledge of frontend and the javascript but he or she wants implement the database to their respective applications but they don’t want to understand the concepts of big backend languages such as my sql, mongo db etc. then can move towards the firebase any web developer can easily integrate the firebase with their applications.

Firebase is the free cloud service provided by the google, most of the react and angular developers use firebase as their backend for a rich backend interface. Firebase is a no sql database and also provide the user authentication service. It is mostly included part of curriculum in web design courses in Delhi.

Key features of firebase:
• Unblock the frontend development
Firebase will provide us the ready made backend system, which we can use with our frontend application, and make our application a complete fullstack. Learn more with the best front end development course.
• Faster development
Firebase do provide us the api, authentication, database and payment integration options with any frontend applications which will reduced the time of the development phase, by using firebase as our backend we can follow a good coding practice.
• Simplicity
Firebase is simple to use and provides the faster development, the fast data storage capabilities with simple API, we can also implement the firebase into the production of the applications.
• Reduced development time
Fire base will provide us the all of the benefits of the backend language without let us using the big backend languages, we don’t need to setup it from scratch as like the other backend languages.

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Some of the important firebase services provide by the google are as:
• Real time database
• User auth service
• Lab test
• Cloud functions
• Firestore
• Cloudstore
• Monitor the performance
• Reporting of the application crash
• Free hosting of the app
• Engagement with the audience

An much more services of firebase provided by the google to the developers. If you are a web developer and have completed your frontend part of the application and wants to implement the backend logics but getting stuck in the sql database query languages, then the firebase is one of the best option for you to integrate your application with.
You can most of the services and features of the firebase in your applications.

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That’s all about the firebase, and it’s role for a web developer especially a front end web developer, who would like to implement the back-end as well. That’s all for now. If you are interested in learning more then you must go for web development courses in Delhi which cover up everything you need to learn.

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