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Without Heart Attacks, Stroke, Embolism. Without Heart, it is possible to live

A campaign by Alfonso Morales

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A campaign by Alfonso Morales
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With the use of stem cells, I try to make the blood self-pumping through the body without the need to use the heart, this would lead to eliminate heart problems, circulation problems, strokes, embolisms, among many more. The project is patented and in research stage.
I require funds to continue my research and the acquisition of materials, supplies and instruments.
It is a research for welfare in the whole world.

Through this campaign, I look for funding to continue my research on the use of stem cells in the bloodstream, with this project, I try to make the blood travel throughout the body without the need to be pumped by the heart.

With their help we will impact the world, as we would eliminate heart attacks, strokes, strokes, circulation problems among many more.

I have had very good progress and I would like to finish this excellent job.

Can you imagine a world without heart problems, without circulation problems, without losing loved ones by waiting for a heart donor? This is the opportunity to see it come true.

I need financing to acquire new implements, materials, continue the tests, etc. and everything that is required in a research of this type.

This is my contribution to humanity, to be able to live without the need to have a heart.

Nobody had tried so far.

That does not mean it can not be done.

If you can not collaborate with money, please spread this important campaign. That will be enough for others to drive this important research.